Lost In Thought - Lost In The Moment 

As an art student I was always attracted to the work of Edward Hopper. There was something in his paintings with people in them that always intrigued me. The subjects, while taking center stage in the paintings, always seemed to be disconnected with the composition, They often looked to me as though they were deep in thought and about to get up and leave the scene totally.

Take this painting for example. New York Movie - Edward Hopper painted in 1939. The woman, an usher at the movie theatre, seems to be totally oblivious to her surroundings. Barley in the scene and disinterested in the screen.

This reoccurs in many of Mr. Hoppers paintings. I've tried to replicate this mood in my photos, often with little luck. It is not something that can be staged or set up and still retain its mood of a fleeting moment. It is something that is only captured quite by accident.

Following the painting are some of my pieces that I feel approach that mood. That sentimentality,